Science Errors

Science Errors

Physics deteriorated into corruption 170 years ago.
Biology is gradually doing the same.


Global Warming

Energy Misdefined

Gravity Waves


Global warming was contrived through fake science

A tiny amount of something can never heat a large amount of something under any set of conditions. Nothing resembling it is found anywhere in science. This is why parts per million greenhouse gasses cannot heat the atmosphere. Heat doesn't do that without nuclear reactions.

The second law of thermodynamics says heat dissipates, all the time, everywhere, without exception. There cannot be a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere because of the second law of thermodynamics.


Heat cannot be trapped in the atmosphere. Large amounts of heat move into and out of the atmosphere constantly, as temperatures change 20 degrees or more between day and night.

Atom EmitsAbsorbed radiation is emitted in 83 femto seconds. All matter emits radiation constantly.

This miniscule nonresult must be divided by 2,500, because surrounding molecules dilute it that much. There are 2,500 air molecules surrounding each CO2 molecule when carbon dioxide is at 400 parts per million in the atmosphere. Therefore, to heat the air 1C, each CO2 molecule would have to be 2,500Can impossibility.

If the heat isn't trapped, it can't spread to the other 2,500 molecules.


Climatologists cannot explain a mechanism for global warming. Instead they use fake numbers, such as 3.7 watts per square meter to represent heat trapped in the atmosphere due to human activity. There are no square meters in the atmosphere. Climatologists convert the number into 1C by reversing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant; but reversing that constant is not valid, because it only applies to surfaces.

How could all those scientists be wrong? They operate in the dark and say, just trust us, with no accountability.

The 33C Error shows the stupidity.

The gravity wave tube error is a similar example.

So is Getting Greenhouse Wrong.

If all heat supposedly added by humans to the atmosphere went into the oceans, the surface would be 0.025C warmer, and none would be left in the air. Hurricane Math

Worst Errors:

1.   Science Contrived For Greenhouse Gases

2.   Energy Misdefined in Physics

3.   Fake Measurement of Gravity Waves

4.   Why Hydrogen Fusion Produces No Energy

5.   Relativity Has No Relationship To Science

A claimed measurement of gravity waves was totally contrived pretending to measure at millions and billions of times below the level of technological limits. The claimed distance measured is 100 million times smaller than the vibration of atoms. That's a noise to signal ratio of 100 million to one.

Mathematical Proof Energy is Misdefined in Physics

Physicists used this test in an improper manner starting with the false assumption that force times distance should be the starting point. A false definition of energy resulted stating that mv is kinetic energy. Applying rocket energetics to the same test that physicists used proves that they were wrong and mv (momentum) is the real kinetic energy.

Explanation of Concept: Energy is defined as "that which is conserved during transformations." Conserved means totals stay the same when components are re-arranged. So the test for the definition of kinetic energy is to re-arrange the components and see which total stays the same.

Part 1: Kinetic energy is not ½mv²:

A 4kg object dropped 1m (meter) has the same amount of mv as a 1kg object dropped 4m, because force times distance equals mv for an accelerating mass. But a rocket accelerating the masses to those velocities requires twice as much energy as fuel for the large mass as for the small one.

Rocket burn time:
large mass: 1.77177876722800 seconds
small mass: 0.88588938361400 seconds

Therefore, both masses do not have the same energy; the rocket does not transform energy in proportion to mv; mv is not kinetic energy; and a gallon of fuel does not produce a consistent amount of mv.

Part 2: Kinetic energy is mv:

A 4kg object dropped for 1s (second) has the same amount of mv (momentum) as a 1kg object dropped for 4s, because force times time equals mv for an accelerating mass. A rocket accelerating the masses to those velocities uses the same amount of energy as fuel for both masses.

Rocket burn time:
large mass: 3.92400000000000 seconds
small mass: 3.92400000000000 seconds

Therefore, both masses have the same amount of energy; the rocket transforms energy in proportion to mv; mv is kinetic energy; and a gallon of fuel produces a consistent amount of mv.

All logic and evidence of energy point to the same conclusion. The logic created the need to derive the mathematical proof.

About ninety percent of physics is corrupted by the error...   Read More

energy Energy Misdefined in Physics
Proof that energy has been misdefined in physics. Most of physics is corrupted by the error.
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Proof of fakery at the origins of global warming science.
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Errors described in Big Bang, Relativity, Prions, ATP, Quantum Mechanics, etc.
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Today's temperature is  5.77λR2/dθ3T4,
becoming  λR/755·T/γ3θ  by tomorrow.

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Science Errors
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