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Science and Research

Gary Novak

Morel Mushroom Research
Author's research and photographs show extreme biology and transitional evolution in the morel mushroom including phenotypic variation and a reversion anomaly.

Energy Misdefined
Mathematical proof that energy has been misdefined in physics. Physicists designed a definition of energy which erased some difficult questions which they could not answer.

Global Warming Contrived
Climatology is not real science—nothing but modeling at the origins, self-contradictory, no evidence, no real measurements—just fantasized claims in fake peer reviewed journals as the starting point upon which everything else is based.

Science is Broken
Errors described in Big Bang, Relativity, Prions, ATP, Quantum Mechanics, etc.

Electronic Designs
Audio Amplifiers with Current Amplifier Outputs and Femto Capacitance Meter.

Mushroom Basics
Science and evolution of important mushrooms is explained including truffles, morels, porcini and matsutake.


Today's temperature is  5.77λR2/dθ3T4,
becoming  λR/755·T/γ3θ  by tomorrow.

There has not been an iota of correct physics produced since Newton's laws in 1687. Four centuries of unaccountability has turned physics into a culture of corruption.

You might think modern technology shows otherwise. Engineering is vastly different from science. Engineering uses trial and error. Science is concerned with basic knowledge.

The abstractions of physics are almost impervious to experimentation. On top of that, the math is so incongruous that physicists do not check each other's math. It doesn't reverse engineer. The result is total unaccountability which prevents corruptions from getting fixed. Scientists who produce significant criticism get kicked out of science.

Inflation: As an example, how about inflation creating the "big bang." Supposedly, the universe expanded from minute size to its present size in zero time through inflation. There were no laws of physics without time or distance, yet physicists tell us what happened during each instant of time. They forgot that there are no instants of time without time. They have a rationality problem, because incompetents in physics shoved out real scientists.

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